BY Led Black (@Led_Black)

Okay – don’t say we never put you on to nothing. Well, guess what ladies and gentlemen? The 2010 New York International Latino Film Festival is premiering the incredible Trópico de Sangre next Thursday, July 29th, during Dominican night, at our very own Columbia Alumni Theater on 168th street. Trópico de Sangre deals with the story of the heroic Mirabal sisters and their struggle against the Trujillo regime. The last remaining sister, Dedé Mirabal, consulted on the production and is appearing in the film as its narrator. The amazing Michelle Rodriguez of Avatar fame stars as Minerva Mirabal. The $25 admission fee not only gets you in the building but also provides access to the after party. I would advise you to snatch up your tickets before they are long gone, this will be a movie to remember.

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Check out the premiere: Here

Check out the review: Here


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