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The premiere of Trópico de Sangre at our very own Columbia Alumni Theater on 168th street was a star-studded affair. First off, the movie itself was absolutely mind blowing, I was so ensnared in the film’s grip that I felt I held my breath throughout the movie (check out the full review: Here.) Okay, so not only were we treated to a wonderful and historically significant film but we also had a chance to hear many of the stars of the film share their thoughts on the movie and Latinos in Hollywood in general. Michele Rodriguez cracked me up when she implored young folks to start making movies; she yelled at the audience “YouTube that shit if you don’t got the money.” Anyway, the movie’s release date is August 6th and will be showing at the Village East Cinema (181-189 2nd Avenue – 212-529-6799). It is a MUST that we support this movie. This movie has to be seen by Dominicans, Latinos and the world. Make sure you purchase your tickets and sustain this movie at the box office, where it counts!!!

For more info:

For tickets: Village East Cinema

Check out the full review: Here.

Celinés Toribio who played Dedé Mirabal

Juan Fernandez who played Rafael Trujillo

The Director of the film – Juan Delancer

Claudette Lali who played Emilia Bencosme

Sergio Carlo who played Manuel “Manolo” Aurelio Tavárez Justo

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