Op-Led: Ice Cube Done Melt

Congratulations, Cube you played yourself. AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted is now aiding and abetting the campaign of the tyrant who wants to Make America White Again. Listen, this one actually hurts. Unlike Kanye, who has been off his rocker for years now, this whole Ice Cube controversy came out of thin air.

First of all, Ice Cube is one of the most important HipHop artists to ever grab a mic. His classic album Death Certificate is one of the greatest albums ever made by a rap artist. It is on my personal list of Top Ten Hip-Hop albums. Ice Cube is – correction, was – that guy. With this lifeline that he has attempted to throw the tyrant, he has irrevocably tarnished his legacy.

For those that don’t know, rapper, actor and media mogul Ice Cube recently interjected himself into the election by confirming that he had advised the Trump Administration on its “Platinum Plan” for the Black community. For the record, Ice Cube claims that he is not endorsing Trump, simply putting the interests of Black people front and center but he seems to be going out of his way to throw shade at Biden, while giving Trump a pass.

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🚨Call For Submissions: The Latino Stand-Up! Comedy Competition🚨

HBO Latino in partnership with the New York Latino Film Festival (NYLFF), the nation’s leading platform for Latino creatives and audiences, announced the second annual Latino Stand-Up! a national competition in search of the best Latino stand-up comedians around the country. The competition is designed to support emerging talent and increase awareness and representation of Latino voices in the comedy industry. The top five comedians will perform, and a winner will be chosen at a virtual event in early December. The event will be hosted by one of the 2019 Latino Stand-Up! winners, Mark Viera.

Entry rules, eligibility and prize info: NYLatinoFilmFestival.com

You can catch last year’s winners on ENTRE NOS: THE WINNERS, available to stream on HBO Max.

“I’m excited to be the host of the 2020 ‘Latino Stand-Up!’ Comedy Competition,” said Viera. “After winning last year and taping my first ‘Entre Nos’ Special, I am honored to be a part of this tournament of funny, knowing what’s at stake and how these performances will potentially change the career of an up-and-coming comedian. Let the jokes roll and the laughter flow, again.”

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Uptown Video: Cat-Calling In Washington Heights

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Uptown Talk: Latinos Out Loud – Pumpkin Scams and Penis Zooms

In this episode the crew (including guest co-host Pills) talk about Rachel going pumpkin picking, Jaime buying new clothes for the first time since the pandemic started, and Frank experiencing indoor dining in a post quarantine world. On this week’s Bochinche Bites, JLO calls herself a “negrita” in her new song, a young girl gets 25k for creating a potential Covid treatment, a journalist exposes himself on Zoom, and an asteroid could hit earth a day before the election. On this week’s Frankspiracy News, Franks tells us about the “Hitler Hoax.” 

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Uptown Eats: Fall Fare @ Harlem Shake

You just can’t go wrong with burgers, brews and spirited milkshakes. Shout out to Harlem Shake (100 W 124th St) for inviting us over to check out the new items on their Rotating Specials. The BAE Burger is something else folks. The 2 deliciously smashed burger patties comes with a decadent shallot BBQ jam, gruyere, bacon and in their words “wild-ass” mushrooms. Get yourself like 2 of those. The Mississippi Mudslide Shake with a shot of Bailey’s hits just right in the Fall when the weather is getting nippy. They also have WAP galore on deck. Watermelons And Prosecco. Get your mind out of the gutter folks. Check Harlem Shake ASAP and tell them the Uptown Collective sent you.

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Uptown Video: Vampires Vs The Bronx – A Closer Look

Have y’all seen Vampires Vs The Bronx yet? What are you waiting for? The film is outstanding and it is just so NYC. Check out this cool video of Vampires Vs The Bronx director OZ Rodriguez sharing some of the inspirations behind his film. He also gives a peek into his creative process, and why he decided to explore gentrification through a mix of humor & horror.

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Op-Led: Uptown Love In The Time of CORONAVIRUS – Remember, Remember the 8th of November

BY Led Black (@Led_Black)

That was the day that democracy died. That day, four years ago, marks the beginning of the end of the American Experiment. Our long national nightmare, which we have not woken up from, began on that day, November 8, 2016. That was the day that America, the wealthiest and most powerful empire the world has ever known, gave the keys to the kingdom to a malignant narcissist who is utterly devoid of morality, empathy or decency. There would be a heavy price to pay for what transpired on that day.

When the history of The Great Unraveling of the once-mighty United States is written, that day will be known as the day this nation began its descent. That day, more than any other day, conclusively validated the concept that elections have consequences. We are living –  better yet, we are suffering – from the consequences of electing a senile, racist former reality TV star to the highest office in the land. That day will go down in infamy.

It is of little consolation that Trump actually lost the popular vote by three million votes, or that Putin The Puppeteer tipped the scales in his favor, or that the media, in their frenzy to cash in on the Trump phenomenon, gave him a free pass that he used to his full advantage. Those things matter not anymore. The Tyrant came to power on that day. America and the world would never be the same again.

Nothing says a democracy in terminal decline quite like a Trump presidency. On that day, Donald “The Defiler” Trump began the process of completely remaking this country in his image. The Swamp Thing was about to take over the swamp. That day led to these dark days of this terrible pandemic that has upended and diminished our lives beyond recognition. The COVID chickens have come home to roost.

So here we are. Only a matter of days before the most consequential election in human history. Let November 8, 2016 remind us that a new day is possible. That on Tuesday, November 3, 2020 we have the power to create a new tomorrow, to stave off the abyss. By the way, early voting begins on October 24 in New York. We can redeem the dream and rebuild this nation better. It is the only way forward and our only hope. Remember, remember the 8th of November.

Pa’lante, Siempre Pa’lante!

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