Words: Riquelmy Sosa

I could feel the swaying of her nightgown shadowing in behind me and with each step of her gliding feet, I pushed the clothes further down the barrel of the washing machine. I inched my way past her trying hard not to knock over the cafetera on the stove and half-avoiding the sharp seams of the plastic covering the kitchen table. I almost caught a win when she stopped me with her glare, “Y que te pasa a ti?” “A mi? Nada, Mamá,” I blurted out with a smile so wide I was certain I looked like a cheap ass clown. I knew she could tell I was lying. I felt her gaze follow me into the narrow gap between the kitchen and the bathroom. I sat on the toilet seat and traced the cracked drywall on the ceiling. In a two-bedroom apartment loaded with more people than could fit in the White House, I was pressing my luck if I stood there for more than two minutes. But all I could do was trace and count – trace and count – the cracks from the ceiling to the heating pipe. My little cousin came back for the second time, “C’mon Marina, he pleaded, I have to pee. That’s not fair. Get out!” “Give me two minutes”, I yelled as I managed to pull my legs into the shower.⁣⁣⁣
I ran the hot water down my back and scrubbed every skin cell until the Ivory bar faded into the sponge and my fingers went numb. I continued gnawing at my insides because he was still with me. I smelled the bitterness of the Presidente on his breath. I saw his hands on my waist pushing me into his hips. I felt his fingers trickling one by one up my thighs. I felt my heart drumming against my chest. I saw myself escaping from his repulsive grasp and reaching for the door. I could still hear the click-clank of the fifty locks dead-bolted to the door. And for the first time that day, I cried. I remembered my cousin outside the bathroom who must have been hopping from one foot to the other, with his arms flailing like a wild monkey, and wiped my tears. I left my desolation hidden on the droplets hanging from the bathroom mirror and emerged with the steam escaping through the door.⁣⁣⁣

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Spread Love: Harlem Night Market

Kick off the holiday season in Harlem with the inaugural Harlem Night Market, created through a partnership between NYC Public Markets (run by NYC EDC), Uptown Grand Central, TBo Harlem & Union Settlement’s Buy Local East Harlem program.

The first Harlem Night Market at La Marqueta is a three-night series (Saturday, December 7, 14 and 21, from 4-10 p.m.) of shopping, sipping, savoring and supporting the best and brightest of Harlem-based businesses. The Harlem Night Market will take place at the historic La Marqueta, in the newly renovated La Placita space on Park Avenue between 115th & 116th streets, where you will be able to find small businesses and entrepreneurs such as La Fonda Boricua, Harlem Shake, Flaco Coquito, Sugar Hill Creamery, Sprinkle Splash Sweet Shoppe, the Harlem Pie Man, and a Makers Plaza curated by Harlem bespoke gift shop NiLu.

Each market night is set to be a party, with family activities including selfies with Santa and the Three Kings from 4-6 p.m., and live D.J. performances by El Barrio’s own Ted Smooth and Sundae Sermon’s Stormin’ Norman throughout the night. The last night of the market (December 21) will coincide with Make Music New York, with a Jingle Train trolley co-curated by We R El Barrio & La Marqueta Retona.

The Harlem Night Market will feature:

Savory Food Court featuring Amuse Bouche, Barcha Harlem, Boricua Soul, Cenkali Indigenous Vegan Products, Dap Eats, the Eggroll Queen, Elma’s in Harlem, Fauzia’s Heavenly Delights, Harlem Shake, La Fonda Boricua, Sisters Cuisine & TNT Pineapple.

Sweet Food Court featuring Allen’s Pie, the Harlem Pie Man, Janie’s Life-Changing Baked Goods, K’s Jams, Lady Lexis Sweets, Laurie & Sons, Lokal Artisan Foods, Made From Haven, Maryam’s Yum-Yum, Pure Confections, Sprinkle Splash Sweet Shoppe, Sweet Milk Sugar & Desserts, Tipsy Scoop & Sugar Hill Creamery (which will be making a special Harlem Night Market flavor each day).

Cerveza & Coquito Garden featuring East Harlem Bottling Co., Serengeti Teas & Spices, Flaco Coquito (yes, skinny coquito!) & Los Sabores de mi Tierra (coquito made by a refugee from Hurricane Maria).

Makers Plaza (curated by NiLu) featuring great gifts by 26 Stitches, Artispic (Fernando Leon), Boy Beads, Butter By Keba, Designs By Della, East Harlem Preservation, Hamlin Apothecary, Hanna Bandanah, Viviad Vidal & Yo Soy Mia.

Harlem Night Market series

Saturday, December 7th – Official Kick-off with live performances by Stormin’ Norman & Ted Smooth
Saturday, December 14th
Saturday, December 21st – Make Music NY will provide live music performances at La Placita Stage

4-10 p.m.

La Placita at La Marqueta
1590 Park Avenue (bet. 115 – 116th streets)

Free; RSVP recommended: Spread Love: Harlem Night Market

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UC Must-Reads: Zoning & Racialized Displacement In NYC

Inwood NYC Sunrise

A blockbuster new report paints a damning picture of how city-led rezonings in the past have led to the displacement of a significant number of Black and Latino residents of those neighborhoods. The study also emphasizes the crucial need for the de Blasio administration to analyze the racial impact of new rezonings. The “Zoning & Racialized Displacement in NYC” report, produced by Churches United for Fair Housing (CUFHH), used U.S. Census data to do a deep dive on the two major Bloomberg-era rezonings; Park Slope in 2003 and Williamsburg in 2005. The findings are disturbing. Here are just two of the more alarming bits of data from the report: Decrease of about 15,000 Latinx residents in Greenpoint & Williamsburg between 2000 and 2015 despite a population increase of over 20,000 during the same time period – Decrease of about 5,000 Black and Latinx residents in Park Slope between 2000 and 2013 despite overall population growth of over 6,000 during the same period.

Is this what we can expect from the Inwood rezoning?

Read more: UC Must-Reads: Zoning & Racialized Displacement In NYC

Related: Re-examining the Rezoning | Manhattan Times

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Art fair spotlights Dominican artists | Manhattan Times

By Gregg McQueen

“We engage the community and support young artists,” said visual artist Moses Ros.

He’s responsible for fine art at Fordham – and now he’s putting prints up for sale.

Moses Ros, whose large-scale work Patriasana is installed at the Fordham Road station, is teaming up to bring even more fine art to the masses.

“We want to show people that Dominican artists are engaged and producing great works,” said the sculptor, painter, and printmaker who claims “urban pop culture, graphic abstract symbolism and living memories” as sources of creative inspiration.

The upcoming 4th Latinx Art Fair will showcase fine art prints for sale by a host of Dominican artists.

The event is a collaboration between Moses Ros Studios, Coronado Printstudio, and Dominican York Proyecto GRAFICA (DYPG).

The exhibit will be held on December 6 and 7 at the SMV Gallery, an art space at the Church of St. Mary the Virgin near Times Square in Manhattan.

“The goal is to give exposure to artists and to give them the ability to sell their work,” Ros said. “In this city, it is definitely a challenge to find space to display and sell art. There’s a lack of gallery space available for up-and-coming artists.”

Read more: Art fair spotlights Dominican artists | Manhattan Times

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Spread Love: Uptowns Finest Presents L.G’s Collective Art Show

The good folks at Uptowns Finest have put together a collective art show that properly represents both NYC/Uptown and the artists that live here. The 3 day art event begins on Thursday, December 12 with a free kids art show that includes workshops, manicures, music and light refreshments for children. RSVP is a must. Day 2 and 3 are ticketed events featuring a host of talented artists so click the link below and make it happen.

Tickets can be bought ONLINE or at the door. Tickets give you admission to either day but not both.

Admission includes 2 Free drinks and 3 raffle tickets.

Day 1:
Day 2 & 3:

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Uptown Talk: Latinos Out Loud – The Culture is Always Right

On this week’s episode of Latinos Out Loud, the group talks about Frank being featured in a BBC News Mundo story and everyone recaps their Thanksgiving.

On “Bochinche Bites” Jaime dishes on Pete Davidson requiring an audience to sign a million dollar NDA agreement, perineum sunning becoming the new wellness craze, and a couple having sex on a subway platform during rush hour.

On Frankspiracy News, Frank tells us how cell phone radiation is damaging men’s ability to reproduce.

The crew interviews CEO and President of Casanova/Mcann Advertising, Ingrid Otero-Smart. We learn about her start in advertising, the biggest misconceptions about the Latino market segment and why culture is at the core of the media we consume.

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#TheGramUptown: First Snow

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The first snow of the season >>SWIPE>> Having moved to NYC in the summer this is a first for me and the family. Some of us have been in snow previously but never witnessed the transition seasons that bring on the snow. It was pretty cool watching the snowflakes get larger and blow around. It gives a visceral texture to the wind. I got dressed to walk around in the falling snow to snap some photos but by the time I got dressed and downstairs the snow turned to rain and I thought better of it. I hung out under the scaffolds and got a few shots and went back to cozyland. As seen from Washington Heights #ny #nyc #NewYork #NewYorkCity #NewYorker #Manhattan #newyork_instagram #instagramnyc #made_in_ny #newyork_instagram #newyorker #firstsnow #snow #winter #winterishere #felipegeek #washingtonheights #uptowncollective

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12/08/19: Up Theater Company Presents Showing Up For The Holi-Daze

That’s right folks, hit up Buunni Coffee (4961 Broadway) on Sunday, December 8 at 5 pm for “Half-baked and Brand-spanking” holiday cheer from your favorite uptown artists.

Featuring the story-telling, musical, dancing, photographic and stage-ritual talents of: Deirdre Cipolla ~ Ken Dillon ~ Jonathan Ellers, Oona Higgins and Emma Walter ~ David Eye ~ Holter Graham & Neela Vaswani ~ Rich Grunn ~ Sarah Kiefer, Tara Mooney and Enzo Garcia ~ Amanda Reynolds

Presented by their Holi-dazed Host: Jacki Goldhammer

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The Uptown Tweet of the Week: The Struggle Continues

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