Uptown Bounce: The Social Media Edition

Uptown Bounce

The first ever Uptown Bounce went down last night and man it was simply incredible. Get this: El Museo del Barrio and The Museum of the City of New York got together for a super awesome block party featuring musical performances, gallery talks, art-making workshops, break-dancing demos, renowned DJs, as well as festive summer drinks and local food vendors joining the festivities. If you missed last night, Uptown Bounce will once again go down on August 6th and 13th.


Spread Love: Finding Fela In Theaters 8/1

Finding Fela-Film

Fela Kuti was the African continent’s answer to Bob Marley. Fela was an unflinching and vociferous critic of Nigeria’s ruling elites. In fact, he never hesitated to call out the unjust and corrupt rulers by name on many of his classic songs. The powers that be in responded in kind. In 1977, government forces attacked his compound, and proceeded to arrest and brutalize with reckless abandon. They even threw his 82-year old mother out of a window, which eventually led to her death. Fela was a rebel with a cause until his death in 1997.

Finding Fela tells the story of Fela Kuti’s life, his music as well as his social and political importance. Directed by the Academy Award winning director, Alex Gibney, Finding Fela is a critical piece in understanding one of the world’s most important artists. From August 1st to August 7th you can catch the film at the IFC Center. From August 8th to August 14th, the film will run at MIST in Harlem.

For more info: http://findingfela.com/


‘If You Build It,’ a Local Show Celebrating Local Art | NY Times


“Caesar’s Visa” by Hank Willis Thomas. Credit Courtesy of the artist and Jack Shainman Gallery, New York

In 2009, when a bad economy left commercial spaces vacant across New York City, an itinerant nonprofit art group called No Longer Empty started filling some of them — a storefront on West 23rd Street, the closed-up Tower Records on lower Broadway — with art. This summer, the organization adds a twist to its mission by working on premises that have yet to be occupied, an in-progress 13-story affordable-housing complex called the Sugar Hill Building located on West 155th Street in Washington Heights.

Sponsored by Broadway Housing Communities and designed by David Adjaye, the development won’t open until the fall. But for the next month, it has exhibitions installed on two floors, and in a ground-level space that will eventually be the Sugar Hill Children’s Museum of Art and Storytelling.

Read more:  ‘If You Build It,’ a Local Show Celebrating Local Art – NYTimes.com.

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Vanishing Inwood: A Bodega Closes

By Arlene Schulman (@ArleneSchulman)

For almost 30 years, the Dyckman Seaman Grocery has sat on the corner of Dyckman Street and Seaman Avenue in Inwood, selling cans of tuna, candy ,chips, cigarettes, beer, soda, and good luck candles to neighborhood kids, locals, and visitors to this corner of northern Manhattan. One of those neighborhood kids turned out to be the actor, singer, composer, and lyricist Lin-Manuel Miranda who grew up just a couple of blocks away on Payson Avenue. His Tony and Grammy award winning Broadway musical, In the Heights, was inspired in part by his trips to the Dyckman Seaman Grocery.

Its doors close tomorrow, Thursday, July 31st, a casualty of rising real estate taxes. Any items that haven’t been purchased will be moved to another bodega, this one across Broadway, and owned by the owner’s brother. It will be replaced by an extension of the popular sushi fusion restaurant next door, Mama Sushi. And the cat? It turns out that there were two – and both have been given away.

The photographs of the store offer a look at what once was.


New Music: Reesee Boi – Drugs Freestyle

WHIN By Any Means 3


Public art installation lights up Harlem | Art Daily

The "H" in Harlem: Bentley Meeker

The "H" in Harlem: Bentley Meeker. (Photo: Arnold Brower)

The neighborhood of Harlem, and West Harlem in particular, has a rich cultural history and has had a tremendous impact on the arts in all of New York City. The past five years have seen an increasingly rapid expansion of art, design and business in the community, and Harlem resident and artist Bentley Meeker has witnessed the transformation first-hand. In 2012, several Harlem community concerns approached him seeking his involvement to help celebrate the vitality and cultural strength of the area and honor its legacy as it continues to evolve. From these requests was borne the idea to create a large-scale, public art installation titled The “H” in Harlem.

This project literally illuminates the area from June 25 through September 25, 2014 with a giant letter “H”, surrounded by an oval, aluminum truss, suspended from the viaduct situated at 12th Avenue and 125th Street. In keeping with Meeker’s past work, there is juxtaposition of differing light sources within the work itself. The oval is comprised of 30 white LED lights while the “H” itself is lighted by white full spectrum plasma lighting fixtures. The “H” in Harlem was designed and engineered in conjunction with and certified by Theta Structural Engineers, and the structure itself is engineered to withstand hurricane force winds. All light fixtures are weather resistant.

According to Meeker, The “H” in Harlem “provides a bold creative statement that is intended to be a city-wide beacon for everything that makes West Harlem, and Harlem at large, great. But most importantly, what I am hoping is that this installation will bring attention to a community that is eager to embrace economic growth and positive social change while still celebrating its cultural heritage and diversity and strength.”

via The ‘H’ in Harlem by Bentley Meeker: Public art installation lights up Harlem.


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