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Trouble in the Heights

Rubi Rosa - Plastic Cup

World Premiere: Rubi Rosa – Plastic Cup

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Trouble In The Heights – The Review

BY Led Black (@Led_Black) The film begins, as all movies should, with the looming George Washington Bridge as a backdrop. Javy, masterfully played by the young, 13-year-old phenomenon Antonio Ortiz, comes across a bag full of illicit cash that…

Screen Clean United Palace - Washington Heights

Reviving Motion Pictures At The Palace

By Mike Fitelson  (@MikeFitelson) When the Loew’s 175th Street Theatre opened on February 22nd, 1930 – just three years after “The Jazz Singer” broke the sound barrier as the first feature-length “talkie” – the inaugural program referred to the…

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Trouble In The Heights – The Trailer

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GWB Prepares For Release As Trouble In The Heights

The best movie about Washington Heights ever made has been renamed Trouble In The Heights and is set to drop early next year. With a stellar cast that includes Luis Antonio Ramos, Raúl Esparza, Antonio Ortiz, Alexandra Metz, Olga…