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Indi Samarajiva

Republicans Are Radical, Not Conservative | Bronx Free Press

By Michael Gold After the right-wing terrorist attack on the Capitol January 7th, some people might be confused in thinking that only Trump led us here – not Republicans. The two are indistinguishable. Republicans today are a far cry from the…

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UC Must-Reads: American Exceptionalism Is Getting You Killed

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Lalo Alcaraz (@laloalcaraz1) Make no mistake about it, there was an attempted coup in the United States of America earlier this week. It may have failed, but nonetheless, an insurrectionist…

4thofjuly - American Flag - Bridge

UC Must-Reads: American Democracy Is Only 60 Years Old

Indi Samarajiva is not one to mince words. Please check out one of our favorite writers as he so adroitly and succinctly explains the problems that bedevil our Democracy. Below is a taste but click the link below for…