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The Elixir: The 2016 Dirty Dozen & Clean Fifteen List

BY Eileen Z. Fuentes (@EileenZFuentes) Every year I look forward to the Environmental Working Group’s (EWG) Dirty Dozen/Clean Fifteen list. This handy guide helps you avoid non-organic fruits and vegetables that are highest in pesticide residues and choose non-organic items…

Clock Tower - Washington Heights

How To Make Your Problems Disappear

BY Eileen Z. Fuentes (@EileenZFuentes) A short time ago, I came across a video of Michelle Obama’s extremely early morning workout routine. It immediately triggered a curiosity in me that I could not ignore. This curiosity forced me to take…

My Plant-Heavy Fully Loaded Omelet

BY Eileen Z. Fuentes (@EileenZFuentes) Did you know that February is cancer prevention month? It is why you should use this month to practice living a healthier lifestyle and encourage others to do the same. As chaotic as they can…