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Washington Heights: The Other Uptown

By Erin Hudson, Kirsten Watson and Mirella Brussani This is the story of the community’s development, told through longtime residents, historians, journalists and activists who are trying to document their neighborhood as it is today, before unwanted change arrives.…

Broadway Blues

Cross Broadway and Think Big

BY Robert W. Snyder (@robertwsnyder) Photography: Emmanuel Abreu (@EAbreuVisuals) “Broadway Blues” was indeed a “A Frank Discussion of Race, Class and Gentrification in Washington Heights and Inwood,” but as an honored panelist I came away from our deliberations dismayed…

Elvis Nolasco - Emmanuel Abreu

Deeply Rooted – A Q&A With Elvis Nolasco

Words: Led Black (@Led_Black) Video & Photography: Emmanuel Abreu (@EAbreuVisuals) Elvis Nolasco is a man of the people. Despite the awards, the accolades and the acclaim Elvis remains someone who cares deeply about his craft, his culture and his…