Get Tested: Do It For The Fam

The coronavirus is not going to go away without all of us doing our part. Don’t let the outdoor dining fool you. NYC is no longer the epicenter of this pandemic, but the COVID-19 has simply relocated to more vulnerable locales. What NY and the region did to stave off the initial wave of the coronavirus was admirable and the result of really hard work. Social distancing, wearing masks and three months of quarantine flattened the curve. We did that. Now let’s take the next step in avoiding the resurgence of the novel coronavirus by getting tested. The COVID-19 diagnostic test is safe, free, and easy. You do NOT need insurance to get a diagnostic test. Most results are returned in about 3-5 days. There are hundreds of convenient testing sites across the city, as well as mobile testing units visiting different locations throughout the five boroughs. So there you have it familia, do your part and get tested.

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