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A (long) love story
Story by Sherry Mazzocchi

Eulalia García Figueroa is celebrating a century of life.

Patience, faith, and chewing food slowly.

Those are what Eulalia García Figueroa says are the secrets to a long life.

She should know. She celebrated her 100th birthday with nearly 40 family members and close friends at Coogan’s this past Sat., Feb. 11th.

Figueroa was born in Adjuntas, Puerto Rico, on February 12, 1917. It is a small pastoral town close to a mountain the locals call “The Sleeping Giant.”

She came from a large family. Her mother, Marcelina, had eleven children, including two sets of twins. “My mother was a very strong person,” she said.

Attractive and stylish, García Figueroa made her own clothes and had lots of friends. They went to dances, wearing the pretty dresses they had made.

She had many suitors. It wasn’t long before Samuel García had caught her eye. He worked in a local shop. He was a few years older; confident, handsome, and hard to ignore.

They were different. She read books and wrote poetry. He was rather “earthy.” He was the youngest of four brothers and the family favorite. He was always well dressed, charming and persuasive.

“I think he bewitched me,” García Figueroa said of her husband.

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The birthday cake bears her many titles.


The Elixir: Secrets of a Long Life – Arthur Gewirtz

The Elixir: Secrets of a Long Life – Don José

The Elixir: Secrets of a Long Life – Pilar De Jesus Gonzalez


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