Watching the Pursuit of Happiness… Front Row Seat…

BY Sour Indyka (@sourindyka)

Watching the pursuit of happiness isn’t the same as… living it.

It is well worth watching, not worth living. Sitting in the classroom keeping my GPA above probationary, by the skin of my teeth. Sandy is lurking in the air, threatening, to impact New York. I’m tired of roaming, tired of hoping.

Homeless and straight A’s… haven’t really ate for days, thoughts of Christ’s 40 days. I can so relate, temptation stays awake..while I try to sleep. The entrance to campus inspires me, reminiscing on things I’ve survived, I haven’t died, I’m still alive, dead spirit.

Homeless and all, I glide through life. I need to stay alive, at least till my loan comes through, temptation hasn’t slept. That Cinnabon cupcake I kept. Temptation crept. Full blown Hives..while I wept. Call 911 I’m going to die.. someone stop and help me survive, don’t give up Evelyn, I hear her cry, help is on the way I won’t let you die..

Stop walking she says, I think I can make it, I still have to try. I can’t see, hives in my eyes, my third eye guides me cause, it’s not my time to die. Seems like the ambulance fell from the sky.

I wake up in ICU – can’t even cry, get me my tablet!, I have to write, my thesis is due tomorrow night. To be an Average student isn’t gonna fly. Graduation isn’t happiness, It’s all a lie, God isn’t gonna ask for a PHD, to let you ride, or even a Masters to let you slide. What did you do, while you were alive?

The pursuit of it all a lie?

Based on true events; an excerpt from an essay by Sour Indyka, November 2012.

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