indiegogo Spotlight: Tony and Angel

A Word From one of the Producers

Our project “Tony and Angel” is an urban love story, about two people coming from different worlds and how their love affair is surrounded by bigotry, hate and lust that set off a chain of events with tragic results.

The film’s story will show how different their worlds are when “Tony” a young hispanic woman meets “Angel” an Afrian American man, who struggles to make a difference while avoiding the pull of streets and the gang violence that surrounds him.

We thought this to be a project worth telling, considering that the number of young African American and Hispanic males and females joining street gangs are on the rise across the country since 1995. We hope this story will begin to show that we all can live among each other no matter where we come from or the culture we represent.

IT ALL STARTS WITH JUST ONE. Making a choice for the betterment of one’s self and its community can cause a ripple effect.

With your contributions we will be able to make a quailty film that will provide opportunities for the community to enact as well as provide options to those from inner city communities. Remember its all about choices. HELP US MAKE A DIFFERENCE by contributing and supporting this project.

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