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BY Briana E. Heard

For my second review I sampled a local eatery by the name of Marisco Center. An especially interesting choice for me, as I am not a seafood fan. My fellow diner made the selection and I, feeling unlike myself, chose to acquiesce. Being the busy girl I am, I chose to partake in their take out service, as dine in and delivery are both available. The food looked appetizing and the staff was helpful and friendly, offering generous samples of their fish soup as you wait. In my large paper-plastic bag combo I brought the chicken, steak, rice, beans, and yucca just a few short blocks back to my apartment to dig in and satiate my mounting hunger pangs.

The food looked and smelled great. The chicken was flavorful and the generous portions of rice and beans were great. The steak remained largely in its aluminum container, as it was not up to snuff for my very particular dining partner. My lone complaint is that the yucca tasted of pungent vinegar and I was unable to eat it. In their defense, I did not enter the doors of the establishment until nearly closing time, so it was probably not their prime operating hour. We could also blame this on my virgin palette, as I grew up with a mother who assembled meals more than cooked dinner and who did not know the intricacies of Dominican cuisine. But something tasted fishy; pun intended.

With such a nice staff and a unique atmosphere, I hate to say it but I am not certain I will be racing back to Marisco Centro any time soon. Perhaps, being the finicky eater I am I simply might just need to steer clear of aquatic friendly food from here on out.

Marisco Centro

1490 St. Nicholas Avenue New York, NY 10033

(212) 740-2000

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