BY Sara Martinez

1121 St Nicholas Ave
Manhattan, NY 10032
(212) 927-1171

Working in Washington Heights would, at first glance, seem like a food haven. You think:

“Man, I’m gonna eat all the rice and beans in the world! I love rice and beans! Rice and beans rule!”

“I’m gonna have mangu for breakfast!”

“I’m totally gonna have a cubano for lunch today!”

But the novelty quickly wears off. Especially when your pants fit a little more snug. You have a tummy where you didn’t have a tummy before… in short, it wears off when you get fat.

Then you’re all like, oh I’ll just have salad. Negative, because the only places to get salads are fast food restaurants or BBQ’s. Then you’re like, I’ll bring food to work and that helps and you’ll return to your regular size 6.

But then you don’t always want to bring lunch, sometimes you spend the night at your boo’s house. Sometimes it’s too hot to cook. Sometimes you were out too late getting your drink on that you don’t have time to prepare your lunch. So what are you supposed to do? Have rice and beans? Well, yeah, sometimes, but now there’s another option. There’s Strokos, that has pretty decent tasting food, a salad bar and a pasta station.

It’s new, the service is fast and efficient. The prices are a little high for the area, but it’s better than McDonald’s.

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  • Eileen
    October 14, 2010 at 10:54 am

    I’m on my way…MMMmmmmmm!