BY Led Black

Did you know that on top of everything that Uptown has to offer, it is also fast becoming a Mountain Biking Mecca in New York City? That’s right folks. This New York Times article lists our neighborhood as only 1 of 3 places for mountain biking in the city. Some of NYC’s most skilled and progressive Mountain Bikers partnered with the city to create a world class Mountain Biking destination in our very own Highbridge Park. The Mountain Bike Project in Highbridge Park was the first of its kind in New York City and boasts cross-country, free ride and dirt jump trails. The video below brilliantly illustrates how the Mountain Bikers worked in tandem with the NYC Parks department to rejuvenate and revitalize this park. They not only picked up tons of trash and car parts but also got rid of over a 1000 syringes, left there by the drug addicts that once called this park home. There is even a race series, Highbridge Summer Sprints , which is taking place every Friday night for the next 4 weeks.


For more info: www.nycmtb.com/

Check out the NY Times Article: Here

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