BY Led Black (@Led_Black)

I know that this is the umpteenth time that I am writing about Inwood Hill Park but it truly is, in the words of Urban Park Ranger Katie Clifford, “New York City’s best kept secret.” No disrespect to the extraordinary Central Park but for the most part, it is nature in a suit, all dolled up and dressed to impress. Inwood Hill Park is not that, it is nature unfettered and in all its glory. When you enter the woods of this great park, especially in the nature trails, you do not hear or see any signs of civilization. This fact was brought home to me this past Sunday when I undertook a night hike with the Urban Park Rangers. In the darkness, the forest comes alive and while your vision may be somewhat impaired you can feel and hear the creatures of the night as they are starting their daily routine. Inwood Hill Park is home to foxes, wild turkeys, owls, flying squirrels (yes flying squirrels) and coyotes among many others wild animals. The Urban Park Rangers do an excellent job of staying true to their mission, which is “to link New Yorkers to the natural world. Rangers teach people to care for the environment and the parks, protect the parks and their wild residents, and restore New York City’s natural heritage.”

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