BY Carolina Pichardo

It’s placed quietly in the left-hand corner of Brazen Lingerie. Surrounded by mannequins, laced underwear, silk panties, and massage oils.  Although it looks like your average grandmother’s antique dresser, don’t be fooled by the delicate hand carvings and amaretto finish on this masterpiece.  This beautiful piece of furniture holds much more and is the official home of the Naughty Drawer; stocked with vibrators, exotic candy bars and other interesting toys.

According to Brazen’s knowledgeable (and hilarious) owner, Anina, several [Uptowners] are already very familiar with this little dresser. “People just walk in and go straight to it,” she said, while demonstrating how most customers nonchalantly enter the store à la [007] style. Most are able to disguise their naughty purchases with one of the tamer objects from the store (i.e. panties, nursing bras, etc.).

Currently, there’s another specialty shop—Secret Room—that opened up several streets away and stocks similar exotic products, such as a poles (for dancers) and massage oils. It’s a little more rugged and direct than Brazen, which makes sure to lace their naughtiness with fancy g-strings and teddies.

Brazen Lingerie
253 Dyckman Street
New York, NY 10034-5349
(212) 567-5563

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