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Spread Love: Help The Audubon Mural Project Paint The Town

A huge flock of birds is coming to Harlem and Washington Heights, and they need places to land! A recent study from the National Audubon Society found that nearly half of all North American bird species face dire threats…

She Hates Me - Audubon

Spread Love: Audubon – She Hates Me

Aududon and Nelson Salcedo once again team up to take you on another lush visual journey. You are going to want to watch this all the way through. This isn’t a video, it’s a voyage. Enjoy and Spread Love!…

Audubon - Le Trap Affair

Spread Love: Audubon – Lé Trap Affair

Audubon is back with the long-awaited Lé Trap Affair. The wait was well worth it. Audubon delivers another super solid effort that showcases his immense talents. The man rhymes, sings and does double duty as a producer. Shout out…