Call for Women in the Heights: DRESS

⛔️Deadline EXTENDED to February 14, 2024 ⛔️

To mark the fifteenth anniversary of the beloved Women in the Heights exhibition, the Northern Manhattan Arts Alliance (NoMAA) invite artists to submit works that explore the many aspects of the subject of “Dress.”

Throughout history, we have used clothing to shield our bodies from the elements; it has also been an important form of expression/oppression for individuals and communities. Clothing certainly doesn’t determine our value as human beings, but it shares and/or hides information about ourselves, our circumstances, and our experiences. Clothing is a complex subject. Do we judge each other based on clothing? When do we choose to “dress up” or “dress down”? Why do we “dress to impress”? Do we wear an imposed or chosen uniform? Has COVID impacted the way we dress? Is there a gender bias in dress codes? What is the impact of “fashion standards” on our wellbeing?

NoMAA invites artists to approach all aspects of the subject, from the societal to the personal, from the individual to the collective, and from the literal to the poetic.

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