It’s Time To Get Your Vote On

BY Led Black (@Led_Black)

Vote Here

It’s Time To Get Your Vote On…

That’s right people; today is the day we make our voice heard.

You have no reason not to vote and a plethora of reasons to vote.

Too many people have suffered, fought and lost their lives for you to worship at the alter of apathy.

At this very moment, their are well-funded operations working around the clock to curtail, circumvent and cancel your voting rights.

The question becomes, are you willing to let them.

Remember, not voting is also a political act.

You are either at the table or you are on the menu.

With that said, head to the polls and participate in your democracy!

Democracy is a participatory thing – you either use it or lose it.

Polls are open until 9PM today.

You can use to find out everything thing you need to know about NYC elections.

It’s time to make your choice. Vote.

Keep in mind that Rank Choice Voting is in effect for this election. Click here for a cool video on Rank Choice Voting or click below for more info.

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