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A Word From Organizer of Campaign

It is with a heavy heart and upon our family’s request that we share Johnny’s two year battle with terminal cancer. Doctors have warned us to prepare for the worse. We are asking Johnny’s friends, fans and followers for financial support. All donations will go towards hospice arrangement and health care expenses for the beloved NYC artist Johnny McCoy known as Johnny Utah. 

Support: GoFundMe Spotlight: Johnny McCoy

Johnny McCoy, 41 yrs old, was born in Santo Domingo and raised in Washington Heights, NY from the age of 5. We’ve come to know Johnny as a genuine, loving and caring family man who emerged himself in New York City arts and culture capturing its most intimate moments as a photographer. 

As Wendy Angelo put it in an interview with Johnny in 2018 “Johnny’s energetic shots document the gritty exuberance of New York City. Highly influenced by New York’s City Golden Era, his images exemplified the energy of the city as well as the lives and complexity of its subjects. His ability to document every single moment he captures into a story makes his work unique. Johnny has accrued a strong audience of over 30 thousand followers bringing attention to his work and landing collaborations with brands such as New Era, Nike, Puma, Adidas, Airwalk and the National Baseball league with teams such as the New York Yankees and Mets.”  

His vision inspired many including his famly.

As quoted by Johnny: ”I just want to capture the world around me, the world we live in and how I see it.”

On March 2019, doctors delivered crippling news, Johnny was diagnosed with glioblastoma. Glioblastoma is a terminal brain cancer with low life expectancy. It was our worse nightmare and has left our entire family devastated as it feels like our world has shattered before our eyes. Johnny’s love for art, unbreakable spirit and family support gave him the strength to fight for his life for the past 2 years. However, on August 4, 2021 doctors notified us we should prepare hospice arrangements.

Over the past two years the family has kept up with treatments, surgery, insurance expenses, and care as Johnny continues to decline in mental and physical health. We have delayed making arrangements in hopes of a miracle and acceptance has been difficult on us all. As we choose the right hospice for Johnny we pray every day that his health will make a turn around. Please help us make Johnny’s time a comforting experience for him and our grieving family.

We will continue to update the site on Johnny’s health. 

This page is Attached to Johnny’s sister (Barbara Nunez) account as she supports their parents through this difficult time. We are eternally grateful for your love and support to the McCoy family. If you can’t donate, pray, send him messages, hang up his art, share his work, anything you can do to memorialize Johnny will help.

To see Johnny’s incredible photography please visit:

Website: JohnyUtahx.com

Instagram: @Johnnyutahx

2018 interview with Johnny: https://www.wendyanguloproductions.com/living-on-the-edge-a-photographers-gaze-interview-with-photographer-johnny-utah/

Support: GoFundMe Spotlight: Johnny McCoy

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