“When the nation bleeds, Harlem hemorrhages” | Manhattan Times

By Gregg McQueen

(Photo: Led Black)

Black business matters too.

A recent virtual panel discussion delved into the experience of Black restaurant and bar owners in New York City.

With the national spotlight focused on racial equality, entrepreneurs called on New Yorkers to support businesses in predominantly Black neighborhoods.

“It’s imperative that dollars really circulate within our own communities,” said Melba Wilson, the owner of Harlem eatery Melba’s Restaurant.

“People look at going down to Soho or Tribeca, but they’ve also got to come up to Harlem,” she remarked. “Get off the bus, shop at different stores in the community, eat at different restaurants.”

The July 13th panel discussion was hosted by the NYC Hospitality Alliance and moderated by news correspondent April Ryan. Participants, who run Harlem small businesses, discussed the challenges they face in accessing capital and maintaining their businesses in the wake of financial struggles brought on by the pandemic.

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