The Surgeon Who Experimented on Slaves | The Atlantic

Dr. James Marion Sims is considered the father of modern gynecology. Until this week, his statue stood solemnly on Fifth Avenue and 103rd Street. The thing is that he obtained his knowledge by experimenting on enslaved Black women. Without anesthesia, may I add, because he believed that Black people did not feel pain. The painting above perfectly encapsulates the sheer terror that the “good doctor” inflicted on his unwilling patients. To be completely honest, the image moved us to tears. Sarah Zhang of The Atlantic penned a wonderful piece that takes a deeper dive into the troubled legacy of the Dr. Sims as well as the American medical system.

Check out: The Surgeon Who Experimented on Slaves | The Atlantic

Please press play below to see an informative video courtesy of Vox & ProPublica on how the US medical system is still haunted by slavery.


J. Marion Sims statue removed | Manhattan Times

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