Parking Uptown? Time to Pay Up | Manhattan Times

By Mark Levine

It’s a standard weekday morning ritual in Northern Manhattan – suburban commuters, often with New Jersey or Connecticut license plates, circling our neighborhood streets looking for parking.

Whether it’s Washington Heights or East Harlem, the working families living in Northern Manhattan are already facing a suffocating traffic congestion crisis that is hurting our economy, threatening the safety of pedestrians and cyclists, and poses a danger to our environment.

We are also increasingly faced with the added crowding and congestion from the suburban commuters who drive into the city each day, leave their cars parked on our local streets and then transfer to the subway. This problem will only get worse when congestion pricing is implemented below 60th Street.

It’s time to put an end to this.

Let’s follow every other big city in America and create residential parking permits in New York City.

I have teamed up with Manhattan Council Members Helen Rosenthal, Keith Powers and Diana Ayala to introduce legislation that would address this problem by requiring the New York City Department of Transportation (DOT) to create and implement a residential parking permit system in Northern Manhattan, covering all areas north of 60th Street through Inwood.

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