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By Sherry Mazzocchi

The Dance Project of Washington Heights performs in 2018. Photo: Michael Palma Mir

The 2019 Stroll will be larger than ever.

The 17th Annual Uptown Arts Stroll, hosted by Northern Manhattan Arts Alliance (NoMAA), extends from Inwood all the way to 135th Street. In order to cover all of that geography, Open Studio days are extended to two weekends instead of just one.

“Otherwise it wouldn’t be a Stroll,” said NoMAA’s Executive Director Joanna Castro.

In the previous years, the Uptown Arts Stroll ended at 155th Street. Castro said there was so much interest from artists living farther south they decided to extend the range.

Many of the events are still in the works, works, including some exciting programming that Castro felt has been long overdue in the Northern Manhattan community.

“We are looking forward to a really robust set of NoMAA programming as well as from artists who want to be a part of the stroll,” said Castro.

Castro said she is always humbled by artists who are willing to invite people into their homes and studios to view their artwork and creative process. “We don’t curate it,” she said. “It’s open to any person who self-identifies as an artist. Our hope and our mission is also to encourage folks to buy work by local artists. So all around it’s a win-win.”

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