Inwood Hill Park Has A New Artist In Residence

BY Led Black (@Led_Black)

Nature Art - Inwood Hill Park - Programmed

It looks like Inwood Hill Park has a new artist in residence. For the record, Inwood Hill Park is the last real sliver of nature left in Manhattan. Like I have said before, the rest of the parks in Manhattan are nature in a suit. Not Inwood Hill Park, it is an urban oasis, as undiluted, raw and pristine as it gets on the island that the Lenape once called Manhatta.

Inwood Hill Park - Love the forest

For sometime, until he passed away a few years ago, Young Jee held court in the park concocting magnificent art installations from twigs, grass and detritus. It looks like we may have another artist using the park as their canvas. Employing chalk of many colors to create simple but powerful messages, the artist in question has created art that is essentially ephemeral. I came across the artwork in mid December and when I went back just a few days later it was gone, washed away by the elements. Let’s hope it was not a one time thing and there will be more. I will keep you posted.

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Nature Art - Inwood Hill Park - Motion

Inwood Hill Park - Dance

Inwood Hill Park - Whale Rock

Inwood Hill Park - Big Yes

Inwood Hill Park - Little Yes

Inwood Hill Park - Yes on tree

Inwood Hill Park - Love

Nature Art - Inwood Hill Park - Dream

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