Monday Mood Music: The Frankie P Sancocho Edition

BY Led Black (@Led_Black)

sancochobackfinal - Frankie P

Sancocho is SO much more than just a soup. The word soup does sancocho absolutely no justice. A good sancocho is a work of art. It is broth, beef, chicken, corn, yucca, potatoes, noodles and a whole heap of other things coming together for the sake of culinary alchemy. At it’s best, a sancocho, is like a symphony.

Frankie P takes the essence of sancocho to create his latest opus. The Uptown producer wunderkind enlists a talented crew of contributors to make a mixtape that rocks all the way through. Frankie P’s Sancocho is a finely tuned mélange of new and previously released material. Frankie P continues his tradition of producing compilations that are innovative, intricate and daring.

So end the year right and get up on Frankie P’s Sancocho.


Frankie P


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