WHIN By Any Means Presents Barz At The Bar – The Recap

BY Kathie Arseno

Video by Productive Ray (@ProductiveRay09)

On Thursday, September 26, 2013 the WHIN Committee put on another successful showcase of Uptown talent at Mimosas. The event highlighted the talent of local Hip-Hop artists from different backgrounds, but with one common dream, to make it big in New York City. Da Mayor DP ably hosted the showcase alongside his lively co-host Scruff McGruff. The duo kept the audience engaged with their charm and humor throughout the entire show.

The night was made memorable by performances from Jay Wise, Tana, Roi Al, Chaos, Dyckman Drew, Slim Tight, Arp Musiq, Eckz, Karma, Ikon, and an awesome live band finale by Tellie Floydd. The WHIN committee does not just highlight musical talent but local entrepreneurs and sponsors such as La Tipica Mamajuana Dominicana, a perfect blend of smooth rum, honey, wine and various exotic herbs and spices that had everyone at the bar feeling nice and happy. The GOFE clothing brand and Love Cakes Edibles also sponsored the event.

Stay tuned for the next WHIN event that goes down on Thursday, October 31st, which just so happens to be Halloween. Make sure you are in the building for this one folks.

WHIN Presents Barz @ The Bar


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