Video: Cops Gone Wild – Police Beat Young Man Uptown

BY Led Black (@Led_Black)

(Photo: Briana E. Heard)

The smartphone video, which has since been removed, captured the near melee that went down on Sunday, August 10th on Sherman Ave when police manhandled an alleged drug dealer in broad daylight and almost caused a riot.

The police allege that Francisco Guzman, 23, had been observed taking part in a drug transaction when they approached him. Things quickly escalate from there and the video shows 5 cops taking down the suspect, while several cops punch the young man as he is on the ground face down.

The hyper-aggressive nature of the takedown riles up the crowd of onlookers who are heard on the video protesting the arrest. The video highlights the brazen brutality and unprofessional thuggery that is the calling card of some of the cops that patrol our neighborhood. This is unacceptable behavior by those deemed to be the upholders of the law. Things must change.

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