Video: Copwatch Patrol Unit Films Undercover Cops Harassing 2 Young Girls Uptown

BY Led Black (@Led_Black)

(Photo: Briana E. Heard)

(Photo: Briana E. Heard)

Smartphones have changed the world. The ability to record events as they happen can mean the difference between life and death and crime and punishment. This past Thursday, May 14th, Michael Barber of the Copwatch Patrol Unit was on hand to capture 2 undercover cops behaving in a manner that was less than professional with 2 teenage girls. The incident happened in Harlem and could have ended up much worse. One of the cops was aggressively manhandling one of the girls when members of the community valiantly protested and caused the cops to leave without making an arrest. But not before causing a near melee and telling one of the ladies that helped the young girls that she needed to lose weight. Real classy NYPD, real classy. Chalk up a victory for the community.

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