Catch “It’s A Wonderful Life” @ The United Palace

Its A Wonderful Life @ The United Palace

Based on the success of the “Casablanca” screening on Nov. 17 UPCA will show another classic black and white film on Dec. 22: “It’s a Wonderful Life.” The 1947 film stars James Stewart, Donna Reed, and Lionel Barrymore and was directed by Frank Capra. It is 130 minutes long and will be shown in English with Spanish subtitles.

Before the movie there will be caroling, including an audience sing-a-long, as well as a special introduction by Mary Owen, the daughter of actress Donna Reed.

The plot, as described by Amazon, is: “George Bailey (played superbly by James Stewart) grows up in the small town of Bedford Falls, dreaming dreams of adventure and travel, but circumstances conspire to keep him enslaved to his home turf. Frustrated by his life, and haunted by an impending scandal, George prepares to commit suicide on Christmas Eve. A heavenly messenger (Henry Travers) arrives to show him a vision: what the world would have been like if George had never been born.”

Guests who bring an unwrapped toy for the annual Three Kings Day celebration in January can purchase discount tickets, $5 online or $10 at the box office.

Formal attire optional . . . but really, is there a nicer place in Manhattan to get all gussied up than the architectural extravagance that is the United Palace?

Read more: “It’s A Wonderful Life” with intro by Mary Owen.

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The video below on the history of the United Palace comes to us courtesy of Channel Thirteen.


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