Intrigue, Espionage, North Korea… Uptown?

BY Led Black (@Led_Black)

Chances are that when you think of a Stalinist, bat-shit crazy, police state, North Korea is the first name that comes to mind. Well guess what, our very own Inwood was at the heart of an espionage episode with global implications. Earlier this month, Talking Points Memo, reported on the mysterious South Korean national, Il Woo Park, who resides in Inwood and is the sole registered agent in the United States for the North Korean government. To make matters stranger, Mr. Park “was once convicted of lying to FBI agents in a mysterious case that involved spies and officials on both sides of the Korean Peninsula.”

Get this: While Park ran Korea Pyongyang Trading U.S.A, which has extensive connections to the North Korean government, out of his apartment in Inwood, he also had dealings with a network of spies from North Korea’s sworn enemy, South Korea. What makes this more interesting is that even after he was exposed as working with South Korea, he was allowed back into North Korea. People disappear in North Korea for much less. The plot is sure to thicken…

Read more: North Korea’s Agents In Manhattan | TPMDC.

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