indiegogo Spotlight: Changing Face of Harlem

About The Film:

Changing Face of Harlem is a film told from the voices of longtime residents, business owners, politicians, developers, and clergy about the dreams and struggles of a neighborhood. The film explains Harlem’s intricate history so you can comprehend the complexity and height of emotions that Harlem citizens express today. If you weren’t aware, Harlem is undergoing a huge rebirth and revival just like many other urban communities of color. Identified as The Black Mecca, the birthplace of the renaissance, and also depicted as a crime-infested ghetto, Changing Face of Harlem takes a critical look at how Harlem has undergone its present transformation.


In June of 2000, I shot the very first footage of my film. It was the opening of the Magic Johnson Theatre, the first new movie theatre to open in Harlem in decades. Disney and Old Navy set up shop around the corner. A year later, Bill Clinton announced he was going to open his office here. From then on, things would drastically change for Harlem. I started out on a mission to find out how residents felt about the changes that were happening in their community, their wishes, their fears, and their joys. My mission was to hear the voices, feelings, and opinions from working professionals, longtime elder residents, and younger visionaries on their love and concern of Harlem. Thirteen years later the film has evolved into a historical portrait of the community.

Check out: CHANGING FACE OF HARLEM | Indiegogo.



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