Word Up Books Rises Again…

BY Led Black (@Led_Black)

Word Up Books

I remember when Word Up Books was just an idea. Before it had a space, before it even had a name, it was just an idea. The thinking was let’s create a space for books, for community and for people to come together and develop and nourish each other with words, love and art.

Then it had a name. Then it had a space that was supposed to be around for only a month but something had changed. The idea came alive. The idea took root. The idea started to bloom. A year and some months later the idea had become part of the fabric of the community. After a beautiful run, Word Up Books, the storefront, had to shut down but the idea, better yet the dream, was still alive and in a period of gestation.

The Word Up Books campaign on indiegogo reached its pledge goal of 60k yesterday and will return soon to its rightful place in the community. What better way to start the year than this? Word Up Books 2.0 will be better, broader and grander than before. Stay tuned folks; Word Up Books has risen once again!


The Top 3 Reasons You Should Donate to Word Up Books.

Inwood Fire Fundraiser @ Word Up Books In Pictures

Last Night @ Word Up Books As Seen By Paul Lomax

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