“A blessing and a responsibility” Will Teez fights on | Manhattan Times

Story, photos and video by Sherry Mazzocchi

Will Teez - Manhattan Times

At a recent dinner party, William Alicea told his guests that doctors said he had cancer again.

Now, he’s undergoing outpatient chemotherapy treatments.

This summer, Alicea was treated for leukemia at Mount Sinai Hospital.

Hundreds of northern Manhattan residents—and even strangers from farther away—contributed to his Indiegogo campaign to pay for medical bills.

More than 150 people came to see him in the hospital.

Alicea, better known as Will Teez, is repaying that kindness by inviting people over to his apartment for dinner.

“I have to invite a few people at a time,” he said. “My place isn’t that big.”

The artist, whose vivid t-shirts, buttons and artwork proudly declare his love for uptown neighborhoods in the Bronx and northern Manhattan, has been working to get better.

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