My Fave Meal Uptown: Camarones Al Horno @ El Lina

BY Led Black (@Led_Black)

El Lina - Baked Shrimp

This is my favorite meal in my favorite Dominican restaurant Uptown, El Lina on 500 West 207th Street. The name alone, Camarones al Horno (Baked Shrimp) does this dish no justice. It should be called Baked Awesomeness or something more fitting of its deliciousness. The shrimps are cooked to perfection and that garlicky sauce they are so lovingly swimming in is the absolute best thing ever. I liberally slather that liquid gold on the rice and beans (preferably black) and tostones. The icing on the cake is an ice-cold Presidente, which is the best pairing for this mouth-watering meal. Enjoy!

Remember, El Lina is old school, so don’t forget to bring cash, as they don’t take credit.

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  • Pies
    December 6, 2012 at 6:57 pm

    This was the first spot I went to eat when I moved to the neighborhood. Everything is delicious!!! Their Peppered Chicken is one of my favorites – I CAN ONLY COMPARE IT TO A CRACK ADDICTION! SO YUMMY!!!