Op-Led: 2016 – Mitt Romney’s America

BY Led Black (@Led_Black)

November 8th 2016

No nation had ever fallen so far so fast.

Historians will one day describe the decline as ‘precipitous’.

On Election night 2012, President-Elect Mitt Romney gave an acceptance speech that was brittle, caustic and absolutely chilling. It was an early sign of the tribulations to come.

Mitt talked in weirdly messianic and millennial terms about the birth of a new America. He droned in a menacingly manner about the need for sacrifice, peace through strength and the sanctity of life.

He spoke of the need to attack all of America’s enemies conclusively and with utter clarity of purpose. It was cold, calculating and made many in the country and around the world wince. It was eerily similar to the speeches of Osama Bin Laden but with better production values. Gone was goofy, moderate Mitt. Severely Conservative Mitt had permanently taken his place.

It was surreal, the very next day, November 7th; something happened that had never been seen before in the annals of Presidential history. Mitt Romney and his entire support staff basically installed themselves in CIA headquarters in Langley, VA and became, in essence, an active government in waiting. That same week, a large contingent of Israel’s top military brass also set up camp in their own wing of the building and the plans for Operation Righteous Fury went into overdrive. Israeli Prime Minister, Bibi Netanyahu, went into lengthy consultations with President Mitt Romney immediately, essentially sidelining the Obama administration months before the January 20th inauguration. Quietly, Mitt Romney sacked many in the national security establishment and replaced them with Christian true believers.

By November 8th, reports of massive voter fraud on the part of the GOP started to come in but the right-wing leaning Supreme Court effectively and decisively squashed any replay of 2000. While some rightfully yelled coup, the press meekly played along with the narrative that Mitt Romney had won the election fair and square. The American Taliban was now in power and neither the world nor America would ever be the same again.

Then it happened, on December 21st 2012, the day that some believed to be start of the Mayan Apocalypse, Operation Righteous Fury began and for many in the Middle East it was nothing short of Armageddon. The joint operation by Israel and America targeted a wide swath of the heart of the Muslim world and left death, despair and destruction in its wake.

From the Hezbollah stronghold in the south of Lebanon, north to Syria and deep into Iran, the U.S. and Israel leveled entire cities using so-called “smart nuclear weapons” and bunker buster bombs. Beirut, Aleppo, Damascus, Qom and Tehran among many other cities were no more.

An unnatural silence set in after the massive death toll and obliteration. What no one knew at the time is that what the Iranians lacked in sophisticated weaponry and firepower, they more than made up with intelligence on the ground and religious zeal. The day before the attack, the entire Iranian resistance and its allies, from the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon, to Syria and Iran and beyond, had simply vanished. While the joint operation did kill untold numbers of people, the opposition was intact.

The response came, 3 days later, on December 24th. In every major city in the United States at exactly 12:30 in the afternoon, Iranian hit teams composed of cells of 5 commandos armed to the teeth as well as strapped with martyrdom vests attacked shopping malls, crowded thoroughfares and bridges in Mumbai-style attacks. In New York City alone, one team began its deadly suicide mission on Wall Street and the other commenced in Grand Central Station and left a trail of tears, blood and bereavement in it’s aftermath. When the commandos finally ran out of their copious amounts of ammunition, they simply detonated their martyrdom vests and added to the bloodbath. Of all the attacks, the one at Disneyworld was probably the most unnerving as security cameras and smartphones caught the carnage of innocent children and parents and beamed it around the world. The Christmas Eve Massacre as it came to be known was the start of World War III.

In addition to the attacks on American territory, the Iranians and their allies unleashed an effective campaign of suicide attacks around the globe simultaneously. More devastatingly, the Iranians effectively shut down the straights of Hormuz by using suicide bombers in small but agile speedboats. The price of oil skyrocketed and brought worldwide commerce to a halt. Rationing of virtually everything became the norm in America overnight.

By the time Mitt Romney’s inauguration came around; it was basically a moot point. The event was televised but no one was allowed on the grounds of the proceedings as a national curfew was in place. The United States was now at war with the entire Muslim world, which equals 1/7th of humanity. True to his word, Mitt Romney, ran through a good portion of his first day agenda as promised.

Repealing Obamacare – check.

More tax cuts for the rich – check.

More drilling for oil in the U.S. – check.

Outlawing abortion – check.

Executive order became the order of the day.

Back to Obamacare for a mere minute, the term sounds so quaint now. Pangs of forbidden and censored nostalgia strike at the heart. Anyway, the past is gone and we have entered a brave new world.

With the Christian Right firmly in power, bigotry, misogyny and homophobia are all the rage. Lynchings have once again become commonplace but they are no longer confined to mostly African-Americans. Latinos, gays, women, Muslims; basically anyone who was “different”, anyone with a turban was fair game. Immigration is no longer a problem as no one wants to come to the U.S. anymore.

The middle-class is an endangered species. The Middle Class has become just poor people with multiple jobs. Basically everyone in American became poor instantaneously. The rich have retreated to their heavily fortified enclaves and their lives of indulgence. The safety net is a thing of the past. Crime is out control and rampant, every major city has become something akin to Mogadishu. Strangely, while food and services are scarce commodities, drugs and cheap alcohol are easily obtainable.

While abortion is outlawed, the rich can still have and take advantage of safe, if secretive, abortions. The same cannot be said for everyone else. Lets just say the coat hanger is back in vogue. Poverty is the new black.

Climate Change, like homosexuality, abortion and poverty, became one of the forbidden words very early on in the administration. Even though it was obvious from the monster storms that happened with greater regularity and intensity that Mother Nature felt wronged, that she blamed us and that she was doing everything in her power to be rid of us, one and for all.

Hurricane Nestor, which hit on the one-year anniversary of Hurricane Sandy, was even more devastating, unleashing crippling amounts of snow, wind, water and utter devastation from Florida to Maine. An estimated 1 million people died because of the record-breaking storm that seemed almost biblical in the destruction it wreaked. New York City and most of the surrounding areas have never recovered. Manhattan now begins on 125th and ends on 192nd street. The Jersey shore is simply no more. Due to President Mitt’s decidedly Anti-FEMA bent, the Federal response was non-existent, almost laughable, if the results weren’t so deadly. FEMA had been dismantled and local emergency response was simply too feeble and was overwhelmed almost immediately in the face of Mother Nature’s fury. Pestilence, pain and persecution loom large over the entire country.

Today would have been Election Day but we no longer have those. Supreme Commander Mitt Romney, as he has taken to calling himself lately, has decreed that an election at this critical juncture of our history would be a distraction.

Victory is the only option.

Peace through strength.

Onward Christian Soldiers!

Led Black (@Led_Black)


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  • Bum Farto
    November 5, 2012 at 2:09 am

    Nice story..haven’t read a bad d-level fantasy tome, no matter how unrealistic, like this in a long time.

    Mother Nature felt wronged? Manhattan now begins on 125th and ends on 192nd street? Lynchings have once again become commonplace??? Maybe you should stay off the ‘nutcracker’ for awhile..it’s making you extremely divorced from reality.

    Not even the hated George Bush, and his immoral master Dick Cheney, could pull off a fraction of what you suggest.

    And when did the Iranians become so evil? Please keep the uptowncollective.com free from your hate/rage.

  • nanananasnickers
    March 21, 2013 at 11:06 am

    when will we learn? karma she a bitch and she likes mitt romney. she no like those who degrade, demean, or bully those making wise choices and doing good works. nbc anyone? hee hee hee hee hee hee hee
    mitt romney only person currently capable of putting america back on track. we will beg him to be president in 2016. mark my word!