Op-Led: The Winds of Change are blowing through Uptown!

BY Led Black (@Led_Black)

Adriano Espaillat for Congress

It is time for a change people!

Charles Rangel has served in Congress with distinction for the last 42 years. Mr. Rangel is now 82-years-old and the deep shadows cast by the recent ethics violations have not only diminished his effectiveness but have put in jeopardy the progressive agenda of President Barack Obama. Going forward, we need the type of leadership that is untainted, that can effectively challenge the ascendance of the Tea Party and can help the President keep the country on the right track. It is time for a change.

State Senator Adriano Espaillat has been a stalwart champion for the people of this community for over 15 years. He has worked tirelessly to improve the lives of families, immigrants, workers and tenants and has been instrumental in passing key legislation towards those ends. It is that experience, dedication and vision that I believe will make him an influential and successful advocate for our community and our nation in Congress. It is time for a change.

My mother came to this country in the early 1970’s from the Dominican Republic. She left the comforts of her beloved homeland to seek a better life for her children. She made the choice to leave behind all she knew and held dear to create and manifest a better life for my brother and I. It was time for a change.

My mother and others like her left the Dominican Republic but brought with them to their adopted new home their work ethic, tenacity and entrepreneurship. It is those very same traits that have led to the economic resurgence of Washington Heights and Inwood. The sons and daughters of those immigrants that opened up bodegas, barbershops and salons are now the proud owners of boutiques, lounges and restaurants. Dominicans have single-handedly been the prime economic powerhouses that have put this community on the path to prosperity. Just imagine what we can do with some government assistance. It is time for a change.

My mother has been a proud citizen of the United States since 1989 and hasn’t missed an election since then; but this vote has a special significance for the both of us. Tomorrow, my mother and I will go into that voting booth and vote for profound, meaningful and historic change. We are voting for Adriano Espaillat.

Pa’lante siempre pa’lante!

Why is Adriano running for Congress? from Adriano Espaillat on Vimeo.

Check out: http://espaillatforcongress.com/

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