Females: The Crazier Sex?

BY Larissa Vasquez(@lariluv)

It’s a universally known fact that women are crazy.

That is, if you believe most of my male friends and Google. The moment I start to type “men think women are,“ Google finishes up with a suggestion- – ‘crazy’. I can’t say I’m surprised. Nearly every female I know has had a moment where the lines between “this is totally normal” and “please don’t tell anyone I did that” cross.

I witnessed this the most when I was in college. I saw girls sit in front of a dude’s room (Indian style) for hours waiting for him to return, argue loudly (and drunkenly) on dance floors, and kiss other girls to prove how sexy they were. Somehow they always ended up in the girl’s bathroom, mascara running down their faces, crying so hard it was hard to understand them between sobs.

“ Why (sob) is (sob) man-I’m-not-dating-and-only-see-naked-on-Saturday-night (sob) doing (sob) this to (sob) me!”

It got so bad my friends and I came up with a tagline—‘it’s not a party unless someone cries.’ I, of course, have had my share of crazy moments. When I was 21, I was sitting in the school’s library frantically finishing up a final exam for a class when the guy I was head over heels over sat in front of the computer next to me. “ I can’t write this paper,” he told me. I looked down at his assignment and said, “Oh I watched that movie for another class, I can help you.”  Two hours later I had written his paper and, with a smile, copied it into an email and sent it to him. “Thanks! You’re the best” He says to me and hands me a lollipop as he walked away.  That was it. A lollipop. Meanwhile, I almost failed my final exam. This event would come up later during a you-broke-my-heart argument where I yelled, “I wrote your paper and all I got was a lollipop!”

See. Crazy.

A friend once told me it’s because the cingulate gyrus portion of the brain causes women to over think things. There is scientific reasoning behind our crazy! But then, I think of all the stories I know from men who do equally crazy things. A good friend’s ex-boyfriend cheated on her then parked in front of her house for 2 days until she would talk to him. One of my sister’s ex’s did not accept their breakup:

Her: This is not working out. I’m breaking up with you.

Him: Um, I don’t like that idea. See you tomorrow!

There are the men who check their girlfriend’s phones and emails. Once, while out with a girlfriend at a party, I was starving and asked a dude sitting at a table for a few of his fries. He passed me some and I walked away. At the end of the night, he asked for my phone number. He seemed nice enough and saved me from passing away from hunger, so I passed him my number. He then proceeded to call me every day, at all hours of the day and night, for 3 months straight. I told him I wasn’t interested and he angrily responded, “You took my fries!!” I never asked a stranger for fries again.

Are women crazy? I’d say that sometimes our emotions get the best of us. But, emotions also get the best of men. They may not express it the same way we do but, trust me, that little bit of “crazy” is in all of us. Maybe we should remember that line I spoke about earlier so that we never have to tell our friends “don’t tell anyone I did that” again.

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