The Uptown Collective Garners Praise For It's Coverage of Remezcla + Heineken's The Spot

Photo Credit: Briana E. Heard

Sometimes one sentence says its all, check out what Openhouse gallery, the host of The Spot by Heineken, had to say about our coverage of this groundbreaking, next generation Pop Up experience. “We’re hosting Heineken’s The Spot, a Latino pop up curated by Remezcla, but Uptown Collective is covering it best.” Here’s another sentence just for good measure. “About to celebrate its second birthday, Uptown Collective is carving a big niche as a journalism outlet that covers uptown as a distinct neighborhood, not an insignificant outpost of Manhattan.” A shout out is also in order to Dj Boy, Paul Lomax and Briana E. Heard for grinding right alongside me and spreading the Uptown gospel.

Click here to read the rest and much love to Openhouse Gallery, the New York pop-up space.


Photo Credit: Art By Dj Boy

Photo Credit: Art By Dj Boy

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A Behind the Scenes Look At Remezcla + Heineken’s Latino Pop Up The Spot

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