DR Travelogue 2011 – The Instagram Edition

BY Led Black (@Led_Black)

Photos by Led_Black, theSPEACHgal, Kat_Rosario87 & PerlaMichelleX3

The DR Travelogue is a book/project that has been gestating in my mind for the last 5 years. It is my heart-felt ode to Quisqueya La Bella, a place that remains in the hearts and minds of many of the Dominicans living abroad. The DR Travelogue is a native son’s poignant and hilarious journey to the heart, soul and soil of the Dominican Republic.

I travel to the Dominican Republic as often as possible not just because I love the energy and spirit of the country and its people but also to instill in my 3 young daughters the same love of the DR that my parents instilled in me. This project is about sharing my love, respect and admiration for the Dominican Republic and Dominicans with the world. So enjoy these pictures and stay tuned for more exclusive DR Travelogue goodies in the days ahead.

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