The GWB Trailer Premiere Party – The Recap

BY Led Black (@Led_Black)

This past Saturday, the Uptown Collective had the honor of co-hosting with the good folks behind GWB, the world premiere of the trailer of the movie that finally does justice to our vibrant and diverse community. The trailer premiere party went down, as it should have, in true Washington Heights style. It was held at the quintessential Washington Heights barbershop, Robin Barbershop (1509 St. Nick Ave), in the heart of the hood on 186th Street. We also had the infamous, Washington Heights Nutcracker flowing throughout the event. Not to mention the star power in attendance, a good part of the cast and crew was in attendance for this next level function. So there you have it, an auspicious beginning for the movie that will change how the outside world perceives our neighborhood as well as introducing many of tomorrow’s cinematic stars. Stay tuned for more from GWB on the Uptown Collective. Don’t forget the motto, “Spread love it’s the Uptown way.”



Twitter: @GWBTheMovie

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All images by Greg Baker –

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