The Wine Pairing Challenge – Mofongo at Malecon | The Manhattan Times

By Laura Corrigan

Photo Credit: Laura Corrigan | The Manhattan Times

Perhaps you’ve had a chance to taste a classic food and wine pairing: Champagne and caviar, Sauvignon Blanc and goat cheese, port and dark chocolate. A successful food and wine pairing can elevate both the wine and the meal, turning your dinner (or lunch or snack) into a heavenly experience. A bad pairing puts a meal out of balance. It can make the food taste strange, bold wines and bold dishes can cancel each other out making both appear mediocre.

We’ve been told which wine to drink with steak, pizza, and fish, but what about our neighborhood staple mofongo?

Mofongo is an admirable challenge because it is so versatile. Starting with a base of starchy twice fried plantains and garlic you can add anything from fried pork to goat. I see some similarities with pizza. You might not drink the same wine with a pepperoni and sausage pizza that you might drink with a pie laden with peppers, garlic, and broccoli. The same goes for mofongo. Depending on what’s in your mofongo, you may need a different wine. Hush to all you out there who drink beer with your mofongo and pizza. That’s a different article for a different time!

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