Daily Grind: Jason Minter & Indian Road Café

BY Led Black (@Led_Black)

Photography by Paul Lomax (@PaulLomaxPhoto)

Indian Road Cafe - Jason Minter

If there is one word to describe Indian Road Café (218th and Indian Road), it is character. Indian Road Café simply and quietly exudes outsized portions of character, charm, and charisma. Even though it has only been around for 3 years this summer, it already has the feel and the makings of a neighborhood institution. When you walk through the doors of this multi-function establishment, you instantly feel at home. The IRC is warm, cozy and comfortable. It is as it slogan states “the last cafe on the only road”.

The Indian Road Café’s proximity and complimentary relationship with the majestic Inwood Hill Park is one of the things that make this place so special. In many ways, Indian Road Café is to Inwood Hill Park what the grand and stately New Leaf Café is to Fort Tryon Park. It was after one of the Urban Park Rangers sponsored hikes of the park that I first encountered this amazing eatery. I had a superb Cuban sandwich, which is saying a lot in neighborhood where above average Cuban Sandwiches are ubiquitous, and an incredible Russian Imperial stout suggested by the friendly and knowledge bartender Steffan. After that exquisite meal I knew I would be back. On my many forays to the Indian Road Café, I have never had a bad meal.

Indian Road Café is many things to many people – it is, get ready, a family restaurant with a serious organic, seasonal and localvore bent, a wine bar, an ale house, a coffee bar and a community gathering and performance space. Not to mention, that Indian Road Café also serves as a remote office for a huge continent of Uptown’s creative community. The Uptown Collective sat down with Indian Road Café’s owner and proprietor, Jason Minter, to talk about this Uptown gem.

Q. How long have you lived Uptown?

A. I have lived Uptown since I moved in to my girlfriend’s family’s house on 173rd Street between Audobon and Amsterdam in 1992.

Q. What are some of the things that make Uptown special?

A. Its incredible and beautiful geography of flat and hilly land, forested and grassy, with various bodies of water throughout. Some of Inwood is as rural as the mid-Hudson Valley and some of Inwood is as urban and gritty as any city on this planet.

The great (and increasing diversity) of its people. The recent influx of artists has been wonderful to witness–just look at The Uptown Collective!

The incredible history of the neighborhood, from the great Woolly Mammoths that populated the area to its abundant Native American villages, to Hudson’s landing, the American Revolution and onward.

Q. What did you do before owning the IRC?

A. I was a Location Manager (running on-location sets) for 20 years in film and television. For a number of years on the Fox show “New York Undercover” (and various movies) and then on The Sopranos for 10 years, first as a Location Manager, then David Chase’s (the Creator and executive Producer) assistant, and then finally an Associate Producer for the last 4 seasons.

Q. What inspired you to open your own establishment?

A. I had always thought that Inwood needed something like IRC. Years ago, The Chanting House on 207th street filled that niche, but it closed rather quickly. I had been obsessed with the culinary world for a long while, I had been obsessed with the corner of 218th street and Indian Road for a long while as well. I thought that the bodega there was pretty much a waste of a potentially beautiful space. It was in disrepair and not well kept. Also, I had a friend that wanted to try something different in business who wanted to partner up, and new I could raise some money as well. Finally, I knew that my job on The Sopranos was coming to a close, so I was at a career crossroads.

Q. The IRC has quickly become an Uptown institution, what was your vision of it going in?

A. I wanted to open a place that was half restaurant and half community center. A place where there was always something happening. And a place where one could find things that were no where else nearby–craft beer, great small production wine, ethically sourced coffee, local veggies, etc. Finally, I wanted to give people the option of have an inexpensive meal, or something higher-end, on the same menu.

Q. Owning and running a business, especially a restaurant, can be such a grind. What keeps you going?

A. First, the neighborhood has been so very supportive in so many ways. My wife and I have met many great friends from running the cafe. We also have a great professional, responsible and diverse staff (almost all local) who genuinely care about IRC and Inwood, and as a result we have very, very little turnover. This is uncommon for the restaurant business and something to be proud of.

Finally, we all love being creative here whether that be creating new events, menu items, or cocktails. We are continuously evolving to suit our neighborhoods and customers needs.

Q. Any last words?

A. Just a big thank you to Inwood and its people for making Indian Road Cafe what it is.


Daily Grind: Jason Minter & Indian Road Café

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  • WiLL TeeZ
    February 15, 2011 at 1:45 pm

    Just wanted to BiG uP the UC, LED Black, & Paul Lomax for the great piece on the Indian Road Cafe. I’ve lived a few blocks away for 30+ years and really appreciate what Jason has done with the place. I consider it the West Wing of my apartment and get nothin but LOVE from Jason and everybody at the IRC. Jason gets a lot of respect from me and has always looked out, from hiring my daughter as a barista to carrying my product and giving me a space to display my stuff. BTW I’m the FuZZy GuY with the 77 hoodie on in a couple of fliks. Bottom line, the IRC is like home to me and if you want a good meal, some bad ass JoE, or to put a couple real beers down, the IRC is the place to be. Thanks again to Jason for everything he’s done for Inwood and to the UC for shedding some light on what has quickly become an UpTowN institution. Peace, WiLL TeeZ out.

  • wes gottlock
    May 19, 2011 at 9:16 am

    What a delightful find in northern Manhattan! We met Jason Minter at the IRC pertaining to a book project we were working on. We were blown away by the feel of the place…warm, inviting, casual, and friendly. Plus the Cuban sandwich couldn’t be beat.

    We will return whenever we’re nearby. It should be a requirement that every neighborhood have a haunt like this.

  • Juanita M. Rodriguez, Ed.D
    March 28, 2015 at 10:15 pm

    IRC is an absolute gem. Jason Minter and his crew have arrived with the perfect formula for a community restaurant and bar. This is a place where the food, music, people and ambience are beyond incredible. Inwood residents and visitors are extremely lucky to have this establishment within our community. It is a ‘home away from home’ with great entertainment, people, and an amazing view. If you have never heard of Inwood come see what all the hype is around this neighborhood by stopping in to this incredible cafe. The food, drinks and service are top quality. Hope you all come to see this family vibe we have here in Inwood that has stemmed from this incredible restaurant that has become part of the essence and hub of this community. Drop on in and you will never be dissapointed. You will walk out of here recommending this place to your friends and family, and you will definitely be a returning customer. That is how amazing this place is, the vibe and tasty food here says it all.