Ladies’ Night – Uptown: The Rebuttal

BY Carolina Pichardo

M. Tony Peralta

Recently, fellow contributor—Claudio Cabrera—gave us a basic perspective of what it’s like to be single in Uptown. It was, of course, truthful and to-the-point.

Unfortunately, there is a little more to these meeting of the minds and martinis.

Although he mentioned the usual complaints and concerns, such as “can’t find an educated one” and the “too many kids and unemployed” one, as well as give us some great pointers (i.e. good communication, building friendships, etc…)

He left out a very good and new player (pun intended) to the game: Uptown itself.

It’s not so much that we don’t have where to meet people. Because with the latest additions and grand openings that our area is sporting, there isn’t a place not to meet around here. Uptown has gotten a serious face-lift these last couple of years, with the recent openings of wine and cigar bars, cafes and restaurants. Our options are just as good—if not better—than the other boroughs.

Now, I agree with Claudio that in order for much of the ladies night phenomenon to work, everyone needs to step out of their comfort zone and at the very least talk.

But these new spots are definitely redefining how Uptown comes together for ladies night, among other things. Add the work and flair of local artists and organizations, such as the Sound of Art and it’s impossible not to have some sort of chemistry in the air (or from the drinks).

Therefore ladies, throw out those excuses. Because… Research shows that 34.5%  of people between 25 to 34 years old have never been married. African-Americans—alone—make 54.2% of that number. This includes the “educated” ones. That’s enough proof that they’re out there.

It’s just the (cohabitating part that might be killing us).

But that’s another article all-together…

So put on the hottest shoes in your closet and step out of that comfort zone. Keep up with what this area is offering you and sure enough, you’ll be one step ahead of the game.

Check out Claudio’s original piece: Here

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  • Susan Hannigan
    July 26, 2010 at 12:12 pm

    Another fact to drop in the bag is a statistic that made my mouth drop open. About 60 percent of households in NYC (all five bouroughs) are single. So in therory,those of us who are alone should be have amazing options for dating. However I think with the masses to choose from I think many of us fall into the patern of waiting for the AMAZING person vs the GOOD one. I don’t think it’s concious. But I have lots of conversations with singles where they talk about knowing it’s kind of unreasonable but they want someone who looks like this or has this kind of income because they have seen these sorts of people on the subway . They exist, where is mine? My Rhode scolar,Victoria Secret Model,cooks like mom, never gets pissed at me woman. I myself can find myself looking for my George Clooney/James Thurber/Woody Gutherie man when I am alone.

    As far as singlehood for women in the city goes there are a couple of things to consider. Women tend to be more adventurous when it comes to putting themselves out there in new social enviroments. We are the keepers of the tribe. We take classes,workshops,in certain age groups there are twice as many women on than guys. Also as we get older , for many of us the bar thing gets stale and tiring. Blame hormones but after 35 ,we can not drink the way we used to. If men want to meet quality women in the area,we are out there, just not necessarily kicking back beers on the barstool Monday night watching a game.

  • JS
    July 27, 2010 at 3:07 pm

    Yeah, that’s what I’m checking out, those hot shoes