BY Carolina Pichardo

Baseball is the Dominican Republic’s greatest pastime, it’s heart and reason for beating, it’s fresh breath in the morning, etc. [Add your own simile here.] Since the early 1960’s, the country has given birth to some of the Major League’s best players. Which is why it’s only natural that this same fascination/love for the sport transfers [express] to Uptown, where most residents hail or have family member that are from there.

If you’ve visited the Dyckman Fields or Inwood Hill Park during the weekend, then you’re already familiar with the scene. Players donning their colorful uniforms, the professional bats and gloves… They take their game seriously.

Unlike the baseball leagues/clinics and handlers that maneuver the sport for a greater, monetary gain in the Dominican Republic, the leagues in the Heights and Inwood are more of a fun and recreational type of pastime.

And a beautiful one at that.

It’s one of the few times that different regions of the Dominican Republic come together in a completely different part of the world to play a sport that’s so important and culturally ingrained. It’s not just about playing a game, but helping each other cope with the different living conditions, food, and of course—the weather.

Think about it… If not done through baseball, then how?

Late last month, the organization, Centro Hermandad Jicome inaugurated the different teams within their league. There was food, music and lots of greetings from families and friends that take this time to par… err—I mean—meet. Three teams were introduced, with representatives from each and their sponsors, ex-Presidents, and the coaches.

According to Hermandad’s President, Damaris Vargas, the proceeds from the uniform and food sales, as well as the different events, provide their hometown with wheelchairs, ambulance services and basic medical assistance.

Centro Hermandad Jicome
1083 Gerard Avenue, Suite 1B
Bronx, New York 10452

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