It’s The Rock…

BY Led Black (@Led_Black)

I’m going to keep it real eco-friendly this morning and reveal one of my power spots in Inwood Hill Park. Since I was a kid, I have been coming to this serene place that I call The Rock, to reflect, refuel and recharge. The tranquility and piece of mind that can be obtained here is priceless. The vista is equally incredible, the Palisades, in all there rugged beauty, seem to stand guard perched atop the other side of the Hudson River. To the south you can see the GWB in all its majesty and to the north Riverdale. While there are countless ways to reach the rock, see below for what I feel is the easiest. This trek is not for the faint of heart but is definitely worth the exertion. Good luck!!!

Begin your journey at the steps that are at 207th street and Seaman Ave besides the Paddleball court

Once you reach the top of the steps, continue straight which will lead you downhill and to the spot you see below

Again continue straight past the 3 markers you see above and you will reach this natural art installation created by the mysterious local legend Young Jee – btw he is not a rapper, Young Jee is Asian and by the name I am assuming he is Korean.  I ran into him once but either he didn’t speak any english or was pretending to not speak any english so it wasn’t a very productive encounter but nonetheless the work he does in the woods is pretty incredible

At this point make a left up an incline at the end of which you will see this

Now you will make a left and continue to bear left – if you see the tree below you are on the right path grasshopper

Make the 5th left turn at this tree – don’t worry you’re almost there

Once you see this sight continue straight

Only a few yards ahead you will see this Cottonwood tree that is over 300 years old hence the protective orange mesh

Bear left and you will have reached your destination – Enjoy!!!

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