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Uptown Video: Street Art vs Graffiti

We asked the people of the Bronx, if there is a difference between Street Art and Graffiti? The Bronx is the birthplace of Hip Hop, breakdancing and Graffiti “bombing” as documented in: Style Wars. We here at Project Bronx…

project bronx

Uptown Video: Does The Bronx TURN UP?

This week Adam Levine-Peres asked people of the Bronx if they listen to Hip Hop and if they know what the popular phrase “TURN UP” means. Is it TurnT Up? Is it Turned Up? & finally Can we turn…

project bronx

Uptown Video: Interracial Relationships & the De Blasio Family

Welcome back to the first episode of Project Bronx Season 2!! Adam tackles the subject of interracial relationships and asks Bronxites their opinions on what Mayor De Blasio’s interracial relationship means for the city. Check out: The Best of…