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05/10/19: Tales of Washington Heights: Los 90s/The 1990s

The 90’s was a wild era in the history of Uptown in general and Washington Heights in particular. At that time Washington Heights was the epicenter of the wholesale and retail drug trade for the region. Folks came from…

Trouble In The Heights Premiere At United Palace

Trouble In The Heights @ The United Palace – The Recap

BY Led Black (@Led_Black) Photography by Emil Baez (@_EBaez) On a wickedly frigid night last week, Thursday, January 24th to be exact, Trouble In The Heights, the United Palace and Washington Heights made history. Trouble In The Heights became the…

Trouble in the Heights - Image

Trouble In The Heights – The Review

BY Led Black (@Led_Black) The film begins, as all movies should, with the looming George Washington Bridge as a backdrop. Javy, masterfully played by the young, 13-year-old phenomenon Antonio Ortiz, comes across a bag full of illicit cash that…