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Forgiving Maximó Rothman

The Led Black Book Club - Stealing A Summer's Afternoon - AJ Sidransky

7/24/14: The Led Black Book Club Ft. AJ Sidransky

The next installment of the Led Black Book Club goes down on Thursday, July 24th at Word Up Books. Our featured author is AJ Sidransky who recently released his 2nd novel, Stealing A Summer’s Afternoon. The book is a…

Stealing A Summer's Afternoon

Stealing A Summer’s Afternoon – The Review

BY Led Black (@Led_Black) Stealing A Summer’s Afternoon is the story of how Elliot got his groove back. Elliot Serlin has been a stand-up guy his whole life. A good Jewish boy from the Bronx, Elliot has reached middle…

Snow Washington Heights Wallace Flores

La Libreta

BY A.J. Sidransky (@AJSidransky) Adela stared out the window fascinated by the frost and the pattern it made on the glass. She touched the surface of the pane. The pattern reminded her of the lace that edged the neckline…

Forgiving Maximo Rothman - Aj Sidransky - Uptown Collective

Uptown Reads: Forgiving Maximó Rothman

BY Led Black (@Led_Black) I think it is only fitting that I just started reading the gripping debut novel, Forgiving Maximó Rothman, from local writer, A J Sidransky, being that it is Father’s Day this Sunday, or as my dad…